About DHOL Spice Mix

About DHOL Spice Mix

I grew up in Long Island, New York. I was fortunate enough to have extended family close by so any time we came together it felt like a big celebration. As a first generation Indian American, and only child, there were many stories and traditions I learned along the way. My family would discuss their favorite childhood meals growing up in India. They expressed with passion when sharing their variations of a dish from one village to another. Their descriptions of the smells, the taste and their experience pulled me in. Cooking home cooked Indian food back in the 80's was challenging at times due to ingredients not always being available. Times have definitely changed now though!

Today I try to recreate the dishes I grew up with for my family in good ole South Orange, NJ. I have grown up appreciating the time and skill involved in creating delicious and aromatic Indian dishes.  I grew up a sou’s chef to "expert cooks" in our family's kitchen and understand that there are some corners you just cannot cut to achieve something wonderful.  But this can be a laborious art which can be difficult to carve out time for these days. I believe that cooking is a life skill that everyone should have, but I also believe that it should be an experience as well. I created DHOL Foods because of the simple idea that cooking delicious food should be simple, enjoyable, and memorable.

I have created variations of the dishes I grew up with to make cooking North Indian style cuisine at home simple using produce which can be found at your local grocery stores.  Therefore, DHOL Spice Mix packs come with variations which you can accommodate for each dish. Each DHOL Spice Mix pack is carefully measured and pre-blended taking out the guess work and keeping things simple.  I hope you'll try my products and bring the lively aromas of North Indian cooking into your home!




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