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DHOL Spice Mix

Popcorn Spice

Popcorn Spice

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Not just for popcorn!  Give a healthy sprinkle over grilled corn, fruit salads or a dry rub for chicken wings! 

Our Popcorn Spice delivers a sweet & tangy spin to any snack with the right amount of kick!  It's sure to become a favorite!



Ingredients: Organic coconut, himalayan salt, cumin, red chili, cinnamon, other natural seasonings and flavorings
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Not JUST Popcorn!

DHOL Popcorn Spice is delicious on so many things - try it on grilled corn, cauliflower, salads and roasted nuts. Want a new way to make chicken wings? Use it as a dry rub and grill or pop them in the air fryer. The possibilities are endless!